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Spring 2001

Shortly after the game was released, the official ST:TA site was flooded with requests for a "patch". Apparently the game is only compatible with the "latest" hardware, and other systems may-will-did run into playability issues. The staff monitoring the official ST:TA was unprepared for the high volume of tech support being requested, and HIUK decided it would be better if they just didn't deal with the problem. Several fans of the game attempted to create their own patch and offer tech support amongst them selves. KD was able to post a patch that his team developed on their own, which turned out to help a large number of people. Thank you. However, shortly after that, HIUK pulled all support, including the official website for ST:TA. Also interesting is that you will not find this game listed in any of their own advertising or promotion. This is sad because it really is a cool game, fun to play, with graphics that bring Starship Troopers to life. Thanks goes to Blue Tongue... they did some wonderful work. This site remains the single largest reference to their hard work. It will always be here.


Welcome Lieutenant!
You have chosen to enlist at a critical time. As you read this, your Terran Fleet Transport is en route to Klendathu, home world of the Arachnids. In only a few short days, you and your platoon will take your part in glorious moment in Terran history. We will take our vengeance upon these upstart insects, and show them the might of the Terran Federation.


Starship Troopers Latest News

November 1, 2000

New Website Launched
WOW! A new look for the Troopers Website - let us know what you think about the new look and feel. We've introduced several new features to the site including a Top Tips list, which will give you all the Insider Tips on how to play Troopers. Make sure that you email with your Top Tip, and we'll add it.

New Shipping Date for Australia - TODAY!
We can confirm that a small number of Troopers boxes have landed in Melbourne, and should become available over the next few days. If you don't get yours right away, don't worry - there's more on the way!

Don't forget the great screenshots - we'll have more up soon. If you have a great screenshot, that you've taken, send it in and we'll feature it on the site. Hope you like the new look.

October 17, 2000

After a few minor fixes, we can confirm that Starship Troopers has officially Gone Gold! Confirmed by our Producer Tom Zahorik at Microprose, the product has been sent for replication and shipping. The latest official release dates from Hasbro Asia Pacific are:

US: October 23, 2000

UK: November 10, 2000

AUS: November 16, 2000
We'll let people know about further release dates as soon as they come to hand.

That's right - finally, you can download the demo of Starship Troopers! Head to our download section NOW! Come on you APES!!

Check out the AVIs we've made of the gameplay, so you can get a taste of what is to come after the demo. Go to the downloads section to get the movies.

We've added a few more tantalising screen grabs for you to enjoy - check them out in our screenshots gallery.

October 8, 2000

Excellent news to report - we are now able to confirm that we have shipped the GOLD Candidate release to Microprose for replication and shipping subject to the publisher confirming GM status.

We'll be adding some extra information to the FAQ tomorrow, and we'll let you know official release dates for each territory as soon as they come to hand.

More news on the demo shortly - hopefully, this will be released and available by the end of the week.

October 5, 2000

PC IGN have released an interview with the senior producer at Microprose, Tom Zahorik, about Starship Troopers today. See what they have to say.

October 4, 2000

A matter of days away from the gold master now, you'll be the first to know when it is shipped! Today, we've added the massive Starship Troopers Terran Ascencdancy FAQ pages. There are 2 versions of the FAQ, a normal version, and a "printer friendly" version for people to print out. There's plenty of information about the bugs, the weapons, experience, upgrades, and all about gameplay in general. We'll be adding image links into the FAQ normal version as well, so you can see what all the features are. Remember, if you have any question about the game, you can email

We are very pleased to announce that there WILL be a playable demo of Starship Troopers available by the end of next week, so that you can all get a taste for the battle ahead. Make sure you enlist above to be the first to hear about the demo. Service Guarantees Citizenship.

September 30, 2999

MP3 Files have been added to the downloads section today. These will start to give you a feel for what to expect from the game as far as music goes. Check them out, and let us know whjat you think via the messageboard.

September 29, 2000

OK - time for some updates! We've now added the downloads section to the site, and have added a few Starship Troopers desktops for you to put on your computer. We'll have some new MP3s from the game on the website shortly, and news on the release of the Troopers Demo is just around the corner - so come back soon! Don't forget the competition!

September 26, 2000

Announcing your chance to WIN A COPY OF STARSHIP TROOPERS! in conjunction with Hasbro Interactive are running a competition in which you can be one of the first people to have a copy of the game upon release. For your chance to win a copy - visit the competition website

September 25, 2000

Well Troopers, things are still very much on the go at Blue Tongue! We'll be ready to ship the Gold Master in a matter of days now, so hold onto your hats. Thanks to all the people who have added questions to the FAQ list so far - we are currently compiling a list, and will have things ready to rock shortly. A few things that we've added to the site so far are some concept art sketches, a few new screenies and a brand new messageboard so you can all ask your questions directly, and chat amongst yourselves. If you have any problems, please email me and I'll try to assist.

We'll be adding a downloads section to the site shortly, so you can get a taste of the music from the game, and can decorate your desktop with sone renders of the deadly foes.

Don't forget to keep coming back, as we'll keep updating the site regularly.

September 12, 2000

Good news from the front Trooper! You've just received a limited edition postcard that you can print out and send to all your relatives back at home. Print out the postcard and send it to your Friends! Service Guarantees Citizenship.

September 10, 2000

Due to popular demand, six new screenshots from the game have been added to the site. A number of new ones will be available over the course of the next few days, so make sure you come back shortly.

A comprehensive FAQ will be set up also during the next week covering all the most asked questions. If you have a question, then send it through to and we'll try to get it answered. Until then, enjoy the new shots!

September 9, 2000

Beta Testing is ongoing on the Starship Troopers game, and all is going extremely well. Gold is just around the corner, and as soon as there is more information, you'll be the first to know.

As you can see, we have a new, open (no passcode) website that has now been launched. There are several new areas that will be appearing over the next week or so, so be sure and come back and check regularly to see what has been added.

If there is something particular you want to see, let us know, and we'll do out best. I can even try to get some screenshots by request - what do you want to see? Drop me a line.

August 24, 2000

Preview by Adrenaline Vault - see what they have to say.

August 22, 2000

No - we haven't disappeared off the planet, or been wiped out by the bugs - it's just been one hell of a month!

Beta was successfully delivered, and before you ask, we're not sure of when there will be a playable demo available - all I can say at the moment is "Watch this space".

Starship Troopers was shown off by Hasbro at GENCON game fair in the past couple of weeks - and the reception of the product by all accounts was phenomenal..

The product packaging has been approved, and it's only a few short weeks until the product goes live.. Stay tuned, and I'll keep you updated.

July 24, 2000

More reviews for Troopers: Check out GameSpot Australia and Preview of the day at Gamepower.
Check it out!

July 18, 2000

With such a great response to our upload of screenshots over the weekend, we have added some more screens with different terrains so you can get more of a feel for the different terrains and environments in the game. Enjoy.

July 14, 2000

Links to offsite web page previews about troopers I include for you links to new sites that have been put up with previews about Troopers. If you have seen a review that is not on the site, or you have done a new review yourself, then please let us know. Send your information to:

Reviews seen to date (in no particluar order):

- 1. ZDNET GameSpot Preview
- 2. GameCenter Sneak Peek
- 3. CD Mag Preview
- 4. Daily Radar Preview
- 5. PC-IGN Preview
- 6. Hollow Pursuits Preview
- 7. Hollow Pursuits Preview Shrine (WOW!)
- 8. Gamer's Alliance Screenshots
- 9. Gamers Mark Preview
- 10. GO Online (Italian review)

Let us know if you spot any others...

July 14, 2000

New screenshots have been uploaded to the site, and are looking good! News from the trenches as we approach Beta is very positive. Tactical Air Strikes, Sniper Mode, Remote Scout Cameras... This game is serious fun...

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