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Starship Troopers - First Look  •  Posted: September 3, 2000

Latest PC News  •  Starship Troopers - First Look
 Latest PC Screens  •  Starship Troopers - First Screens
Based on Robert A. Heinlein's original book and drawing on many visual
elements from the 1997 Paul Verhoeven film, this squad-based real-time
strategy game is on display at the Hasbro Interactive stand. The game focuses
on the highly explosive combat element of the story - nuances, such as the
satirizing of military obsession, not translating well to a computer game.

The player will lead a squad of troops through successive missions, taking
the fight to the heart of the arachnid threat. In a similar manner to Ground
Control, resource management will not play a part in the game - the key
elements will be tactics and proper use of equipment.

Each soldier in your squad can be fitted out individually with various bits
of equipment, the idea being that your squad achieves a balance of weaponry
and specialist tools. Certain missions will demand certain kit, be it demolition
or long-range surveillance. If you get the selection right, the completion of
each mission will be made simpler.

As you'll see from the screenshots, the bugs' appearance is heavily influenced
by the film, as is the appearance of the unarmoured troopers. The unit animations
are very smooth and a lot of work has clearly gone into giving the game as clean
and sharp a look as possible. Units with powered armor have a distinctive
appearance as well, and the weapons animations fit into the overall
Starship Troopers theme nicely.

By Julian Boardman

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