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Everything shown here are actual film-used props from the 1997 film STARSHIP TROOPERS.
The contents of TrooperPX is part of a single private collection. None of these items are for sale.

(Click on this image for three random shots.)

Troopers take out Chariot Bugs, saving the Brain for a "second course".
Notice the mountain fog...

Here are details of jumping Armor (from upper right). Good shots of three configurations.

Desolate terrain. Troopers defend in formation (close-up) and scatter as the fire flares.

My favorite shot: "RUN AWAY!!!". They even retreat in formation.

A Tanker stalled on the freeway goes under attack. And some new bugs.

Desert and mountains. The Hoppers circle like buzzards.

Marauder takes potshots at passing Hoppers.

Great outpost! Wonderfully detailed structures. Warriors mount an attack.

I had to include a close-up of this... Just beautiful.

A winter landscape. Troopers hold their ground as Armor support arrives on scene.

Images seen here provided from STTA on July 14-18, 2000.

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