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Everything shown here are actual film-used props from the 1997 film STARSHIP TROOPERS.
The contents of TrooperPX is part of a single private collection. None of these items are for sale.

Here are some of the questions that we had about the game... back in 1997:

1, When is the game due out? (I get this question at least once a day)
2, What system requirements will be needed to play it, and on what system? (Will it be only for PC or will there be a MAC version)
3, Can you play the "Bugs" side and attack the Troopers?
4, Can I play it with others on the www?
5, Can I save games and pick up where I left off?
6, Can I save different games, or do I have to play one all the way through?
7, Will there be a "replay" feature so I can watch my game like a movie? (This one is the #1 feature requested by my circle of 30+ Starship Troopers collectors. We want to be able to make mini-movies with our own troops. Please, P-L-E-A-S-E consider this one! They have it in those Race Car games... please have it here, please. Most of us can hook our computer up to a VCR or camcorder, and people will buy it just to make mini movies with!)
8, Will there be "Easter eggs" in the program? (e.g. If I call my Squad Leader "Johny" or "Rico", a little Death-from-Above tattoo appears on his right bicep for the game. Or, if I call my Lieutenant "Razak" or "Rasczak", his left arm looks silver/robotic for the game, etc.)
9, Will there be an actual "paper" tech manual supplement for the Troopers and mechs included with the game instructions? If not, will there be a special section where you can "review" your troops and equipment/mechs?
10, Will the cover art on the box suck, or will you make it real cool using graphics from the actual game? (This comes from the lame cover for the US release of the videotape. The international posters and box art was much better. All we got here was Rico's mouth yelling...)
11, How long did it take? I thought it was supposed to come out in 1997. Is this the same game?
12, If it's the same game, what has changed? I thought it started out as a "shooter" game, now it looks like a real "strategy" game.
13, Will there be skill-levels? (e.g. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) So... (A) I don't get discouraged the first time I try it, (B) It's not so easy that I blow through it the first time I try it.
14, Will it get more challenging with each mission?
15, Will there be different missions with changes in operations, equipment, scenery and goals?
16, Will it be a keyboard and mouse, or joystick game? (Keyboard seems better with a strategy game)
17, Will the music change, or will it be the same boring tune over-and-over? (Remember, quiet times with just game sound effects can be good at building suspense. You don't need the "Disney background filler music" all the time)

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